barbara duch  

 sculpture and paintings


"There's always something more going on inside that you can't see. You just get a hint of it. And that makes you more curious: gives energy to the piece."                       Ruth Duckworth

under the sea and more                                       ≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈




a little back ground information....



"Black Sea Bass and Friends"

Black Sea Bass , Lemon and shy Goby, amongst a variety of corals. Sea glass "Stone" stand.

     16"x8"   stoneware      $900


                                                               "Days Gone By"    

          This piece was inspired by a very old, worn black shell I found while walking along the shore. A "younger" shell had wedged itself in the middle.I found the shape very intriging.   19"x9"         

Stoneware                         $1,200


A mother's connection with her child, "always there..........

13.5x8.25x10        Stoneware




"Getting Close"

I saw this  picture of a woman from Madagascar,   deep in prayer. To me she appeared to be on the cusp of passing on to a very joyous place!   Sold

                                                                 Six Fish"                       

There really are six fish here.  The trick is to find them. This piece is mounted on a 3 million yr. old whale vertebrae.

Stoneware              $600



"Proud Fisherman"

The one that didn't get away. His smile says it all!

18.25x12        Stoneware    



"Hungry Sea Turtle"

Everyone's favorite, the turtle!  Snacking on a barrel sponge.

19"x9"       Stoneware



"Coral Reef Frenzy"

The under water food chain is in constant motion,headed here by the Barracuda.

Porcelain           Sold


"The Gift"

The "gift", offered......accepted?

13"x 15" x 11"  stoneware




"Four O'Clock Rock"

The time of day..before dinner and after nap.

15"x7"x5"      Stoneware



"Coral Woman"

Sitting along the shoreline...feeling the ebb and flow.

15"x11"x11"   porcelain  $2,000



This shy child was hiding behind her hand. The trees in the rain forest where she lived , clear cut, were lying all around her. To me they looked like the fingers of a giant hand.  

15x12x6  stoneware     $800



A mother reaching for her baby as it is swepted up into the "world" inside  the shell.     

17x11.25x9.5  stoneware        



"The Swimmer"

Swimming inside a shell covered with ancient corals and small openings.

17x8x10.5  Stoneware $1,200


"The Broken Bench"

Is this a couple...or a chance meeting at a bus stop?

15.5x12.5x8            earthenware   



"Ode to Ruth Duckworth"

"There's always something more going on inside that you can't see."

15.5x9.25     Stoneware           $2,000


"Ties That Bind"

A woman who's dress is woven and tied into the "mound" that she is sitting on.

15.5x11x9            stoneware



"A Total Body of Work"

The pressure to look a certain way,( to produce work with a certain look)?

17.5x7x6                  stoneware